God gives dreams during critical and dangerous times, often arriving at pivotal moments in the flow of human history. If we can understand God’s dealings with humanity through dreams, we are better positioned to understand His will for us today. God of Dreams offers in-depth treatment of all types of dreamers and dreams, particularly the dreamers in scripture and their unique purpose in God’s plan.

If we pay attention to our dreams, we widen our bandwidth for hearing what He says. This is a Bible based book which also considers the insights gained through psychology and modern day dreamers. The God of Dreams, a book about dream interpretation. 


Archie W.N. Roy, PhD is a doctor of social-developmental psychology and other degrees in religion, education, and psychology. He works and lives in Scotland.

In GOD OF DREAMS, Roy focuses on dream language and symbols along with their relationship to various kinds of dreams. He considers the insights we can gain from the modern day psychoanalysts, as well as from famous Christian dreamers such as John Newton, John Paul Jackson and Jackie Pullinger. He also critiques recent Christian writing which he feels has gone too far in its uncritical embrace of analytical psychology. 


Randall Staley | Transformation in Christ | London, England

Archie Roy has given us a well-researched and well-balanced book on the meaning and significance of dreams. A great and inspiring resource on an important and fascinating subject!

Clay McLean | McLean Ministries | Mickory, North Carolina

I can say I have never seen a more thorough or readable book on dreams anywhere by anyone. The biblical dreams scattered throughout are especially important for the new believer or anyone unfamiliar with the Bible. 

Calum Paton | Elim Christian Fellowship | Ralston, Paisley, Scotland

The God of Dreams leaves the reader in absolutely no doubt that God really does use dreams and continues to use them today. This has really changed the way I think about my own dreams.

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